Terms and Conditions Hannover Swing Exchange (HaSE) 2019

The Association Swing Tanz Kultur Hannover e.V. is organising a swing dance event in Hannover (Germany) from 13th – 15th of September 2019.

Event locations and times are published on Program. Changes and adaptations may apply (e.g. due to weather conditions). The registration fee for the Full Pass is 80,- € per Person.

Important notes: During HaSE 2019 photos and videos will be taken and they will be published partially on the internet. With participation at HaSE 2019 you accept publishment of photos and videos. We save your personal data only for the purpose of the event. We will not forward your data to any third party.

Several events during HaSE 2019 are organised together with our gastronomy and catering partners. Please don’t bring your own food and beverages at those events. On the City Tour or for canoeing you can bring your own reusable bottle. (Thanks for supporting us avoiding waste).

The payment for Full Pass includes activities such as:

  • Admission to parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night
  • City tour on Saturday afternoon with live music
  • One or two taster classes on Saturday
  • Brunch on Sunday (additional fee of 5€)
    • other sports and dance activities, which are reserved to full pass participants only

Registration for HaSE 2019

Online registration starts on Sunday, June 16th 2019, at noon. We will verify your registration and you will receive a confirmation email including the bank account details. To have as much fun as possible during the dances, we will look for a relatively even leader/follower ratio during registration. If the ratio gets very unbalanced or if we have reached the max. number of participants you will be put on the waiting list and we will inform you via email.

Your payment is only due after you have received a definite confirmation from us. You will then have to pay via bank transfer within 10 working days from receiving our confirmation email. Possible transaction fees (e. g. due to foreign transactions) will be covered by you as a participant.

Your registration is only valid after we have received the registration fee in total.

In case your registration fee has not been transferred to our account we consider your registration as cancelled. We will inform you via email.

We will confirm the reception of your payment and the definite registration.

If you wish to cancel your registration via email before July, 7th 2019 we will transfer back your registration fee in total. If you wish to cancel your registration via email after July, 7th 2019 we will not transfer back any registration fee.

Disclaimer of liability

The host reserves the right to cancel the event up to and including August, 18th 2019. In this case we will transfer back your registration fee in total. Any personal costs for travel and accommodation will not be compensated by the organizer.

Please look after your personal belongings. We cannot be made liable in case of any losses. Lost and found items will be collected, please ask a member of the organisation team in case.

You will be informed about possible changes of the schedule via email.