We made sure that there ard no large events going on during the Exchange, so the prices for hotel rooms are not too expensive.

Hotel recommendations

Please check the common platforms.

Accommodation at the Kanu-Club

At the Kanu-Club Limmer e.V. (Canoe Club Limmer Association) you can rent a place to sleep. There are six rooms with several beds.The costs are 22,50 € per night and bed (including linen). In total 18 people can be hosted in the rooms. These are the different options:

  • 2 rooms with 2 beds
  • 2 rooms with 3 beds
  • 2 rooms with 4 beds

Every room has a sink. The Kanu-Club has common showers and a small kitchen.

Additionally there are 2 parking spaces for camping vans. Furthermore 4 tents can be placed on a nearby meadow. For the parking spaces and tents a fee of 5,00 € per night and person must be paid. Of course, the bathroom facilities of the Kanu-Club can be used.


If you prefer private hosting, please check the corresponding box during the registration process, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes. Also, you can ask for private hosting on facebook.